Scuba diving is a means of diving underwater using a scuba, or a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. The scuba thus allows for better movement and freedom under the water, not reliant on holding one’s breath or breathing from the surface.

At Adventures Beyond Barriers, we promote scuba diving as the perfect inclusive sport that allows for persons with and without disability to discover the water and the feeling of weightlessness under the surface. In the words of Kshitij Mittal of Finkick (our partners for scuba diving), “scuba diving is a universal equalizer, and people around the world have been working with scuba diving for Persons with Disability for a few years now for both rehabilitation and integration of the disability community.”

The whole adventure starts with you getting a training session in a local pool to get familiar with the scuba equipment, the sign language and the diving rules. Once you are all set with the know-how, your scuba diving adventure can start inside the sea, preferably the next day.The vibrant coral reefs and aquatic life underwater is a scene to behold. Aquatic animals like colorful small fishes, turtles and dolphins can be seen flipping around while you get amazed at how the sea-life behaves in tandem with the humans around.
The whole experience of scuba diving is life-changing and is recommended for couples and kids (12+) alike. It’s just that you would have to shun the initial fear and be open and receptive to the whole experience.

Also, while you go for the scuba diving adventure, ensure your diving gear fits well. Clarify any doubts and ensure you understand how to use the scuba diving equipment well. If you have any qualms, make sure you stay near your scuba diving trainer

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