I have always wondered what it would be like to fly. As a kid, I used to pretend that I was an airplane, a bird, anything that flew through the air. I ran through the yard with my arms spread out like an airplane, simulating weird engine noises whenever I would make a turn or go into a steep dive. Well, last weekend I got to fly for the first time, and it wasn’t by riding in an airplane. It was by jumping out of one. Yes! I did Skydiving. Yes! I did my first jump.

Skydiving has always been of interest to me as a natural consequence of my desire to fly. I have always wanted to do it, but never thought that I would be doing on my birthday month of this year. My friend took an initiative and booked our weekend slot at Skydive City/Z-Hills, Florida. We got 2:00 PM slot but unfortunately the winds didn’t supported us that day. It was re-scheduled for next weekend at 10:00 AM slot.

Finally the D- Day came. I reached the Skydive City around 9:30 AM, hoping to return with my mission accomplished.

Signing the waiver

I checked in at the reception. As I had already completed the multiple online paperwork, where basically you sign your life away and waive the Tandem of any liability in the event of a mishap (injury or death), I just had to sign the waiver that I already read all the safety rules and watched their video and responsible for my life. This may look to you as the hardest part where you’re gambling your life but in reality I didn’t feel anything as I didn’t want to go home without diving that day!


Looking at the sky & wind

As I came out of the reception, I looked at the sky. It was clear, blue and sunny with cool breeze. It was a perfect day for sky diving. I thanked God for that beautiful day and prayed that the weather should not change before my jump.


Diverting mind from freaking out

Before your turn comes for diving, you have endless time of the world to think about anything you want, your work related or you want to give a thought on yourself or you can even think about the song that you want to put in your Sky diving video to divert your mind from freaking out. Well, I was chilling with my friend getting our endless pictures clicked as it would be the last day of our life. We were singing, eating apples and thinking about what to do next after sky diving?

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