Beautiful sceneries, long walks, pleasant weather, shining stars at night all look good only when you are healthy enough to enjoy it. Playing it loosely with your health on the trek can spoil it for you. And, sometimes, it’s just bad weather that affects your health. If you are going with a trek leader, you can get an expert advice on the spot. But, if you are someone who loves to trek alone, do follow these Survival tips for trekkers. Here are some Trekking tips for beginners.


Only drink filtered water or from the source, you are sure about. Take small mouthfuls of water at intervals. Do it to avoid dehydration and fatigue. Avoid drinking too much water at night time or you will have to take a leak after short intervals.


Trekking is physically challenging. Divide your whole day meal plans into 5-6 small meals. Eating too much will trouble in digestion and eating too less won’t give you the adequate energy you require on the trek. If you have an allergy from a particular food, never take it along on the trek. See our complete list of Food to Carry While Trekking.

Warm Up – Cool Down – One of the most important trekking tips for beginners

Cramps are not something to enjoy! So, to avoid those, warm up a little. Joints stretching, full body stretching is important before the trek. It prepares your body for the physical activity. To cool down, elevate your feet above the ground or soak your feet in a clean stream/lake for a few minutes to reduce swelling and heat.

Unwanted Nature Calls

These unwanted nature calls take us by surprise sometimes while we are ton trek. It would be better if you fix your body’s timetable and keep time for unloading in the morning time. Do it by getting up early and having a cup of lukewarm water. Constipation and diarrhea are the major concerns in stomach problems. Drink lots of water in case of diarrhea and in case of constipation, have a meal full of fibers.


Sweat keeps your body cool naturally. However, it also leads to dehydration and the clothes wet due to sweat can give you cold when the temperature drops suddenly.

Mosquito Bites/ Sunburn

Mosquito repellents are recommended to keep off those blood-sucking monsters. To avoid sunburn, keep yourself covered. Your head with a hat, arms with sleeves, and neck with a scarf. Sun can be very strong at high altitudes, keep a sun cream that has a high SPF.

Follow these trekking tips for beginners to have a pleasant experience while trekking.

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