There are all kinds of exercises that one adheres to for fitness. For me hiking or trekking is one way to remain physically and mentally fit. My friends and colleagues who are not into adventure activities like trekking or cycling always thought I was a nerd who at the drop of a hat will leave everything to take off to the mountains for 20 to 25 days or go for long distance cycling. They would always wonder what kind of a holiday is this where you go and tax yourself again instead of relaxing and enjoying yourself on a holiday.

For most of the level-headed outsider who is  unexposed to the outdoors or wilderness – trekking is normally associated as arduous task trudging on some hard and uneven ground, climbing and walking on moraines amidst hostile environment with bare shelter, food and clothing essentials. My friends and colleagues could never fathom the fact that I would come back looking more fresh, rejuvenated and happy than ever before. One can never understand the gung-ho attitude after completing a trek until one has venture into a task of this nature.

At the outset let me tell you that trekking is fun and not laborious. That’s a myth according to me. Believe me, start slow. Begin with a small hike into the wilderness over the weekend and see how happy you come back.

So what is it about trekking that makes one so happy and rejuvenated? Is trekking so difficult that only a select few can do? These questions are best answered by experiencing a trek firsthand. For those who are still trying to make up their mind and confused whether to venture into something like this or no,  let me give you a sneak preview of what hiking or trekking is but this in no way can compensate the real experience.

Hiking applies to shorter routes and plain walks. These are simpler & controlled environment version of trek. Trekking applies to more rigorous walking along different terrains and altitudes. If you want to get used to walking in the wilderness and getting a whiff of the outdoors one can start simple with short hikes. Although these activities leads one into unknown territories and gets the environment challenging and physically uncomfortable, it still remains safe when approached with the right guides.

While trekking you might come across situations where you are stuck and most times hit by the sheer untouched beauty of the, a picture perfect image that embeds itself permanently in your memory as you are exposed to the wilderness for a longer duration in a day. This beauty can be seldom enjoyed while in a car. While trekking you confront complete new situations as the day progresses slowly. Every little thing through the journey becomes an important memory to be cherished all your life. Human togetherness becomes simple in the face of this challenging lifestyle for the otherwise confused and un-prepared mind.

Having this let me assure you that trekking is not tough. Believe me if you know to walk then you can trek as well. When I say this it does not mean that you venture into unknown territories on your own to explore the unknown. Walking along a trail around with a backpack does not require exceptional skills but does require certain amount of physical fitness, planning, the right clothes, shoes and above all old common sense.

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